Policy 521




    I.          PURPOSE 

    The purpose of this policy is to set forth requirements for graduation from Richfield Public Schools.


    It is the policy of Richfield Public Schools that all students must satisfactorily complete all course credit requirements and graduation standards, as established by the school board in order to graduate.


    A.           Richfield Senior High School students must currently earn a minimum of forty-three (43) semester credits in order to be eligible for graduation. 

    This number will increase to 45 semester credits for 2018 graduates, 47 semester credits for 2019 graduates, and finally to 49 semester credits for graduates in 2020 and beyond.

    Students may earn more than the minimum number of credits if they desire.  

    B.        To be eligible for graduation from Richfield Senior High School, each student must successfully complete the following requirements:

    Credit Requirements include achievement of required Minnesota Academic Standards:

    8 credits of English
    6 credits of Mathematics – This requirement includes Intermediate Algebra, Geometry and Advanced Algebra or higher.
    6 credits of science – Biology is a mandatory requirement.  Students must take either Chemistry or Physics or other science courses available.
    8 credits of Social Studies – This requirement includes Civics Seminar, Geography, World History, U.S. History and Economics / Government.
    2 credits in the Fine Arts
    2 credits of Physical Education
    1 credit of Health
    10 elective course credits. Elective credits are all classes that are not specifically required for Richfield graduation.
    The number of elective course credits will increase to 12 for 2018 graduates, 14 for 2019 graduates, and finally to 16 for graduates in 2020 and beyond.


    All senior students will be required to perform a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of youth service between the end of their junior year and the end of their senior year.


    Graduates must successfully complete required Minnesota Academic Standards for Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Arts.

    Graduation requirements for special education students, students with 504 Plans and limited English proficiency will comply with Minnesota Statute §125A.03.


    A.        The school district will notify students and their parents of the school district’s graduation requirements within 30 working days of a student’s entry into ninth grade. 

                Consistent with the mission and belief statements adopted by the Board of Education and to the extent permitted by law, flexibility will be provided as to the designation of courses which meet requirements.  It is also intended that students have some choice as to when requirements are met.

    B.        If a student desires early graduation, he/she must submit a plan in writing to his/her counselor prior to the start of the senior year.  This written plan must have the endorsement of the student's parents or guardian and the approval of the high school administration.  Students who have graduated early will not be eligible to participate in identified co-curricular activities but are encouraged to take part in graduation ceremonies and events.

    1.    All course or standards and credit requirements must be met;

    2.    Principal or designee shall conduct an interview with the student and parent or guardian to familiarize the parties with opportunities available in post secondary education and arrive at a timely decision; and

    3.    The principal’s decision shall be in writing and may be subject to review by the superintendent and school board.

    C.        A uniform diploma will be awarded to all graduates. Special commendations may be awarded to individual graduates.

    D.        This policy will be subject to review due to changing rules and requirements from the State of Minnesota as well as other emerging needs and priorities.

    Cross References:       Admin. Guidelines 521.1 Guidelines for Graduation of Special Education Students

                                              Admin. Guidelines 521.2 Guidelines for Youth Service Requirements

                                              Board Policy 524   Promotion, Retention and Acceleration

                                              Board Policy 601  Academic Standards and Instructional Curriculum


    Legal References:        Minnesota Statute 125.04 High school diploma, pupils with disabilities

                                              Minnesota Statute 120B.024 Graduation Requirements Course Credits

                                              Minn. Stat. 120B.07 (Early Graduation)

                                              Minn. Stat. §125A.03 (Special Instruction for Children with a Disability)


    ADOPTED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:          March 1, 1982

    REAFFIRMED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:    August 6, 1990, May 4, 2009

    REVISED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:            July 21, 1986, May 21, 1990, June 20, 1994, April 15, 1996,

    June 1, 1998, January 22, 2001, August 4, 2003, January 5, 2004, October 1, 2007, August 15, 2011,

    July 15, 2014, December 19, 2016, May 1, 2017



521.1 Administrative Guidelines




    Upon completion of secondary school or the equivalent, a pupil with a disability who satisfactorily attains the objectives in the pupil’s individual education plan will be granted a high school diploma that is identical to the diploma granted to a pupil without a disability.

    Legal Reference: Minn. Stat. 125A.04

    Dated:               November 15, 2004

    Reviewed:        May 4, 2009, August 15, 2011, July 15, 2014





     I.       DEFINITION

             "Youth Service Activities," as referred to in these guidelines, are defined as any activities performed by students for no pay that help meet the needs of others in the school and/or community.

             "School," as referred to herein, is defined as any school in the Richfield Public Schools, District #280.

             "Community," is defined as the entire geographic area inhabited or frequented by any Richfield High School student; it might well extend beyond the confines of Richfield, MN.


             The fundamental goals of the Richfield High School Youth Service Program shall be:A.     To involve students in helping to meet real needs existing in the school and community.

    A.     To involve students in helping to meet real needs existing in the school and community.B.     To help students form the habit of participating in activities which positively affect their school and/or community.

    B.     To help students form the habit of participating in activities which positively affect their school and/or community.

    C.     To give students the opportunity to devise and pursue new ideas aimed at improving their school and/or community.

    D.     To involve students in constructive collaborative effort with other citizens of all ages, races and creeds.

    E.     To heighten students' senses of responsibility for the welfare of others in the school and community.  ("You are your brother's keeper.")


    A.     Requirement

             All senior students will be required to perform a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of youth service between the end of their junior year and the end of their senior year.  This would allow them to perform their service during the summer months also.

    B .    Accreditation/Recordkeeping

             Each time a student completes a given amount of youth service, he/she will fill out a Youth Service Performance form and have it signed by the person best qualified to verify the work performed.  The form will then be turned in to the High School Office, which will maintain Youth Service records on all students.  When a student completes his/her minimum requirement for the year, the student's cumulative record will be marked to indicate completion of the requirement.  (E.g., "Youth Service Credit Completed.")  If a student does not fulfill the requirement  (i.e. fifteen hours of service) by the end of the senior year, he/she will be held "Incomplete," which means he/she may take part in the graduation ceremony but will not receive a diploma until the Youth Service Requirement is complete.

    C.     Exemplary Service

             Those students performing at least one hundred (100) hours of service will receive special recognition at the end of each school year, and their cumulative record will be marked accordingly.  (E.g., "Exemplary Youth Service Performed.")

    D.     Types of Youth Service      

             There is virtually no limit to what a student can do to fulfill his/her youth service requirement.  A very broad division of places where help is always needed might be as follows:

    1.      Social Agencies (E.g., food shelves, community centers, nursing homes, hospitals, day care centers)

    2.      Schools (E.g., peer tutoring, teaching assistantships, clerical assistance in Guidance/Career Center, Media Center, High School office, hall monitoring)

    3.      Special projects (helping senior citizens with house cleaning, laundry, home repair, or just visiting, helping with recycling programs, producing public service videos, caring for small children)

    E.     Curricular Applications

             To be successful, the Youth Service concept must permeate throughout Richfield High School's entire program - academic as well as co-curricular.  Involvement by students cannot be an isolated activity; it must be an integral part of the total school experience.  It must become habitual for students to "practice the humane application of knowledge, discovering that education is not just something one gains but something to be used to improve the lives of others."  (Conrad)

             To accomplish this end, Richfield High School must seek and create ways to make service a part of its curriculum; and the possibilities for such integration are limited only by the imagination of each individual teacher.

             In-service training and opportunities for sharing ideas among the staff will be provided by the administration to facilitate the incorporation of the Youth Service component into many curricular and co-curricular areas.


             The Senior High School administration will work with the student government to evaluate the Youth Service Program annually and modify it as needed.

    Dated:            May 21, 1990

    Reviewed:     August 15, 2011, July 15, 2014

    Revised:        October 4, 1999, August 4, 2003, May 4, 2009