Policy 309




    In the event of a long term disability affecting the superintendent, the Board of Education will designate an acting superintendent.


    In the event that the Superintendent is away from the District and unable to make decisions about things like emergency school closings, snow days, etc.,  the Assistant Superintendent will serve as acting superintendent in cases of short term absence or disability or until the Board of Education can meet to designate an acting superintendent.  If the Assistant Superintendent is not available, the Board of Education will designate another district administrator as acting superintendent.







    Adopted  by  the  Board  of  Education:                     October 2, 1989

    Reviewed by the Board of Education:                        July 9, 2001                   

    Revised by the Board of Education:                           December 18, 1995, July 21, 1997, January 18, 2005, March 5, 2012, February 1, 2016