Policy 303



    In June of each year, or as soon thereafter as practicable, the Board will commence a formal evaluation of the superintendent's performance.  Insofar as possible, the evaluation process shall be carried out in accordance with Administrative Guidelines 303.1.


    The purpose of superintendent evaluation is to promote effective management, encourage improved performance, communicate Board expectations, generate mutual understanding, and facilitate the process of planning to meet future needs.  Evaluation will focus on the degree to which goals and objectives have been attained and the extent to which the responsibilities outlined in the superintendent's job description have been properly discharged. 


    The superintendent maybe eligible for  incentive pay if designated as a benefit in the current Superintendent Contract..  Such pay, if designated and granted, will be based upon the Board's annual evaluation of the superintendent's performance.  In the event of an unsatisfactory evaluation, the Board may withhold a base salary increase for any year following a year in which performance has been evaluated as unsatisfactory.


    Board evaluation of the superintendent's performance will be communicated to the superintendent in writing after a conference with the Board chairperson.  The original of the evaluation report will go to the superintendent, one copy will be retained by the chairperson, and one copy will be placed in the superintendent's personnel file.  The contents of the report are confidential and will not be released except as provided in applicable statute.


    The superintendent's contract is subject to the provisions of Minnesota Statute §125.12 and to all laws, rules, and regulations of the State of Minnesota relevant to qualification, licensure, employment, termination, and discharge.  The contract shall remain in full force and effect, except if modified by mutual consent of the School Board and the superintendent or unless terminated as provided by law or written resignation.



    REVIEWED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:  January 3, 2005, March 5, 2012

    REVISED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:      August 5, 1985

                                                                                           April 20, 1992

                                                                                           September 3, 1996

                                                                                           May 15, 2000

                                                                                           January 3, 2017


Policy 303.1 Superintendent Evaluation Administrative Guidelines




    Administrative Guidelines


    Superintendent Evaluation



    The purpose of these guidelines is to facilitate the superintendent evaluation process, pursuant to Board Policy 303.





    Every effort will be made to carry out the evaluation process in accordance with the following timeline:


    June                     Year-end status report on annual district goals


    Written superintendent self-evaluation based on all areas addressed in the superintendent evaluation form (appended)


                                  Special board meeting to discuss expectations and priorities for the coming year as they relate to management responsibilities and the superintendent's role


                                  Management Team planning session, including development of annual district goals


    June/July            Management Team review and revision of draft district goals


                                  Individual Board member input to chairperson regarding superintendent's performance


                                  Board chairperson meets with superintendent to convey Board's evaluation of performance


                                  Completion of formal written evaluation of superintendent's performance for the previous year


    August                 Board review of proposed district goals with appropriate follow-up revisions


                                  Board Chair publically reports outcome of evaluation process.



    Evaluation Instruments


    All board members will complete pages 1-3 of the attached superintendent evaluation form, following review of the district strategic plan, year-end district goals report, superintendent's written self-evaluation, and the superintendent's job description (appended).  The board chairperson will complete page 4 of the evaluation form after reviewing each board member's evaluation.


    Relation of Pay to Performance

    The superintendent may be eligible for incentive pay as agreed to within the superintendent’s contract as negotiated between the superintendent and the board. If such an agreement exists, the actual grant amount shall be determined by the board chair. The amount of the incentive grant will be determined based on the board’s collective assessment of the superintendent’s performance in all areas encompassed by the superintendent evaluation.






    Dated:            April 20, 1992.

    Reviewed:     March 5, 2012

    Revised:        November 21, 1994

                            September 3, 1996

                            May 15, 2000

                            August 6, 2001

                            January 3, 2005

                            January 3, 2017

Policy 303.2 Superintendent Evaluation Form

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