Policy 209



    Recognizing Board of Education service as a public trust of the highest order, the Richfield Board of Education accepts the responsibility for assessing its own operations by means of an annual self-evaluation.


    Discussion of the self-evaluation will be conducted in accordance with Board Policy 208, Open meetings and Closed Meetings.  Normally, such discussions will occur at a regular or special meeting of the Board of Education.


    Upon completion of the self-evaluation, the Board of Education will determine priorities for action to further develop strengths and address areas that need improvement.


    The superintendent is authorized to develop guidelines for the implementation of this policy.




    Cross References:  Board Policy 208, Open Meetings and Closed Meetings



    ADOPTED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:  September 16, 1996

    REVIEWED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:  February 21, 2012, February 16, 2016

    REVISED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:  May 15, 2000, August 1, 2005

Policy 209.1 Form Board Self-Evaluation

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