Policy 206



    It is the Board's responsibility to provide quality education services that support the mission of the Richfield Public Schools.


    The Board will therefore plan comprehensively to negotiate master agreements with the exclusive representatives of licensed and non-licensed employees, while retaining the district's management rights. 


    The Board recognizes contract negotiations as an administrative function and will therefore not directly participate at the bargaining table, however, each Board member has the individual responsibility to review and understand the current contract(s) under consideration and other relevant information, including the following:


    •     Key statutory obligations

    •     Cost implications of current contract and proposals

    •     Appropriate comparisons with other groups

    •     Financial condition of the district

    •     Program/Staffing implications


    After meeting in Executive session, the Board will establish negotiating guidelines so that the negotiating team can function with flexibility.  Specific directions on proposals, bargaining strategies, and final contract language are functions of the negotiating team.


    The negotiating team will provide the Board with regular summary reports on the progress of negotiations. 


    The Board will be provided with a summary of all changes when a proposed settlement is presented for ratification.


    Legal References:     Minn. Stat. Chapter 179A (Public Employment Labor      Relations Act)


    Cross References:    MSBA Service Manual, Chapter 4, School Board - Employee Negotiations


    ADOPTED  BY  THE  BOARD  OF  EDUCATION:  April 15, 1991

    AMENDED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:  January 19, 1999, February 1, 2016

    REAFFIRMED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION: May 5, 2003, May 19, 2008