Policy 204





    1.0    It is the desire of the Richfield Board of Education that newly elected members receive a thorough orientation prior to assuming their duties.  This will enable new members to participate meaningfully in Board deliberations from the start of their first term.


    2.0    The Superintendent is hereby charged with the responsibility to develop a new member orientation program which includes the following components:

    2.1    Discussion of school board operations and member responsibilities, Board/superintendent relations, and the processes for Board self-evaluation and superintendent evaluation

    2.2    Discussion of the school district strategic plan

    2.3    An overview of key responsibility areas and activities associated with each central office administrative position, particularly as they relate to board activities and decisions

    2.4    An opportunity to visit school facilities and be introduced to key school district personnel

    The length and content of each board member orientation may vary depending on the board member's availability and familiarity with the school district and school district personnel.

    3.0    The orientation program described above is intended to be in addition to, rather than a replacement for, programs sponsored by the Minnesota School Boards Association.  It is the Board's desire that newly elected members also attend MSBA orientation programs, including training in school finance and management as required by law (M.S. §123.33, Subd. 2a).


    4.0    The Board desires that the locally developed orientation program be conducted during the period following each school board election and prior to the Board's organizational meeting or following an appointment.


    5.0    Newly elected Board members will be asked to review and evaluate the board member orientation program after entering Board service.  Their comments will be used to increase the effectiveness of the program.


    Adopted by the Board of Education:                       May 2, 1988

    Reviewed by the Board of Education:                     August 1, 2005, January 19, 2016

    Revised by the Board of Education:                        January 8, 1996, September 21, 1998, August 6, 2001