Policy 101


    I.       STRATEGIC PLAN      

    A.   No less than once in every five years, the Board of Education will adopt a strategic plan to provide broad direction for the Richfield Public Schools over a designated five year period.

    B.   The responsibility for developing the strategic plan shall be assigned to a broad based planning team that includes representative community members, parents, support staff, students, teachers, administrators, and members of the Board of Education.

    C.   The strategic plan shall outline the beliefs, goals, mission, strategies and action statements of the Richfield Public Schools. 

    D.   The strategic plan shall be reviewed periodically during the five years encompassed by the plan. Proposed changes shall be presented to the Board of Education for review and approval.

    E.   The Superintendent is responsible for district goals that are consistent with the school district beliefs and strategies which facilitate accomplishment of the strategic plan. The Superintendent is also responsible for preparing periodic reports for the Board of Education regarding progress toward attainment of the annual district goals.


    The Board of Education affirms the beliefs, mission, strategic policies, and strategies contained in the most recent, Board-approved strategic plan or revision thereof, appended to this policy. The most recent action plans are appended as administrative guidelines.


           Individual school sites and district-wide programs may develop site/program plans that complement the district strategic plan, in accordance with the following guidelines:

    A.   School site and program plans must be consistent with the district’s strategic plan and must actively contribute to achieving the mission, goals, and strategies in the strategic plan.

    B.   School site and program plans may also focus on site and program-specific issues and priorities.

    C.   From time to time, the Board of Education may direct the Superintendent to implement a specified site or program planning process.

    Legal References: 

    Cross References:      Board Policy 303 and Administrative Guidelines 303.1, Evaluation of the Superintendent                                    

    ADOPTED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:       July 21, 1997, May 2, 2016

    REVIEWED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:     August 21, 2000 

    REVISED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION:         June 24, 2003, May 16, 2005                                                                             


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