Policy 203






    1. Number of Members and Terms of Office


             The Board of Education shall consist of six voting members.  The term of office is four years. The terms shall be so established that three expire at the end of every odd calendar year.


    There may be other ex-officio members of the school board as provided by law.

    The superintendent is a non-voting ex-officio member. Student representatives

    may also be appointed as non-voting ex-officio members of the school board.

    A majority of voting members constitutes a quorum.  The act of the majority of

    a quorum is the act of the school board.


    1. Meetings


             Official business of the Board of Education shall be conducted at meetings.  Except for the annual organization meeting, described in Section III of this policy, meetings are described in Board Policy 208 - Open and Closed Meetings.


    III.     Annual Organization Meeting


    1. Date of Annual Organization Meeting


             The annual organization meeting shall be held the first Monday in January or as soon thereafter as practicable (M.S. §123.34, Subd. 1).


    1. Order of Business at Annual Organization Meeting


    1. Call to order by chair
    2. Administer oath of office to newly elected or re-elected board members if applicable
    3. Election of chair
    4. Set the honorarium for board members and board officers
    5. Elect vice chair
    6. Elect clerk
    7. Elect treasurer
    8. Determine dates and times for regular meetings
    9. Appointment of board representatives to committees and outside organizations
    10. Appointment of board representatives as school liaisons



    1. The following items will be acted on in the first meeting in July.


    1. Designation of depositories for school district funds
    2. Designation of official newspaper(s)
    3. Decision regarding employment of board secretary
    4. Decision regarding board attorney(s)
    5. Decision regarding insurance consultant(s)
    6. Decision regarding membership in associations
    7.     Resolution authorizing early claim payments
    8.     Resolution authorizing wire transfer of funds
    9. Resolution authorizing lease/purchase agreements


    1. Available Records and Written Materials


    1. All records of the Board shall be available to citizens of Independent School District No. 280 for inspection on the district website.


    1. In any open meeting, a copy of any printed materials relating to the agenda items prepared or distributed by the school board or its employees and distributed to or available to all school board members shall be available in the meeting room for inspection by the public while the school board considers their subject matter. This provision does not apply to materials not classified by law as public, or to materials relating to the agenda items of a closed meeting.


    1. Delegations and Requests by Groups and Individuals to the Board


                Please refer to Board Policy 216 Public Participation in School Board Meetings/Complaints about Persons at School Board Meetings and Data Privacy Considerations


    1. Parliamentary Procedure


                The Board shall adopt as its ethical and parliamentary authority Robert's Rules of Order.


    VII.      District Policy


                A set of policy statements shall be maintained and modified as needed to assure the school community that the school system responds to its mission and operates in an effective, efficient, and consistent manner.   Whereas these policies exist to support public accountability, the Board, or its designee, shall assure that the content of the policies are easily accessible to the public. Policies should define the desire and intent of the school board and should be in a form which is sufficiently explicit to guide administrative action.  


    1. Policies may be revised, added to, or amended at a regular or special meeting of the Board by a majority vote of the members present. Except when deemed routine or non-controversial, policies, amendments, or additions shall be introduced in policy draft form to the Board and shall not be adopted until a subsequent meeting.  Thus, time shall be given to permit further study and also to give opportunity for interested parties to react.


    1. Policies will be organized in accordance with the Minnesota School Board Association system of Board policy organization.


    1. The Board shall conduct a rotational review and appraisal of all policies, with no less than one fifth of Board policies scheduled for review and appraisal in each school year.


    1. The operation of any section or sections of these policies not established by law may be temporarily suspended by a majority vote of the Board at a regular or a special meeting.


    1. The Board shall post on the district website whenever revisions, additions, amendments and/or deletions are made.


    VIII.     Officers and Duties


    Chair -- The chair shall preside at all meetings of the Board and perform such other duties as are required by law.  The chair shall assist in setting board agendas and shall assure that Board meetings are run efficiently.  The chair shall serve as chief spokesperson for the Board in communications with other organizations and the media. The chair shall perform various ceremonial duties including speaking on behalf of the Board at various school district functions.  The chair is responsible for coordinating the superintendent evaluation process each year and shall serve as Board liaison in communications with the superintendent.  The chair shall appoint board members to various committees and outside organizations, and is responsible for board member discipline.


    Vice Chair -- The vice chair shall serve as chair in the absence of the chair and shall otherwise serve on behalf of the chair as requested by the chair of the Board.


    Clerk -- The clerk or designee shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Board and perform such other duties as are required by law.  The clerk or designee shall keep on file all reports, communications, papers and documents relating to the business of the Board and shall issue notices of Board meetings and perform such other duties as may be required by the Board.  The clerk or designee shall be responsible for the annual school board election and any other elections called by the Board.


    Treasurer -- It shall be the duty of the treasurer to sign all financial documents requiring board signature and to perform other duties as required by law.


    1. Vacancy


    1. A vacancy on a school board occurs when a member dies, resigns, ceases to be a resident of the district, or is unable to serve on the board and attend its meetings for not less than 90 days because of illness or prolonged absence from the district.


    1. Once a vacancy has been declared to exist for the reasons listed in Section IX.A above, the vacancy shall be filled by clearly following the process outlined in 2015 MN Statute 123B.095.


    1. Calendar


    1. Fiscal Year -- The fiscal and statistical year shall begin on the 1st day of July in each year and end on the 30th of June of the following year.


    1. School Year -- The school calendar for the succeeding year shall be adopted by the Board in accordance with Minnesota Statute §120A.40 prior to April 1 of each year.


    1. Office Hours of the Clerk


                The office hours of the clerk shall coincide with the regular office hours of the superintendent and the district office.  The secretary to the superintendent may serve during office hours as designee for the clerk.  The official address shall be the Office of the Superintendent located in the Richfield High School, 7001 Harriet Avenue South, Richfield MN 55423.


    XII.      Committees


                There shall be no standing committees of the Board.  Special temporary committees may be appointed by the chair.  The duties of such committees shall be outlined at the time of appointment and a special committee shall be considered dissolved when its final report is made and accepted.



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    Cross References:       Board Policy 208 - Open Meetings and Closed Meetings

                                              Board Policy 216 – Public Participation in School Board Meetings/Complaints about Persons at School Board Meetings and Data Privacy Considerations.


    Approved by the Board of Education:     December 6, 1971, November 13, 2017

    Reviewed by the Board of Education:

    Revised by the Board Of Education:        April 2, 1972; April 19, 1982; July 19, 1982; October 20, 1986; December 11, 1989; January 8, 1990; April 2, 1990; January 3, 1994, April 15, 1996, September 5, 2000, August 1, 2005, January 19, 2016, August 21, 2017