Richfield Public Schools Innovation Plan


    Student with ipad



    Innovate • Connect • Grow

    Richfield's technology vision is that technology will support the personal success of all members of Richfield Public Schools through technology tools and resources that allow for innovation, connection, and growth. This vision is driven by three goals that are represented throughout the District's larger strategic plan.


    1. Richfield Public Schools will provide increased mobile device access for all students and staff.
    2. Richfield Public Schools will provide standard tools/ platforms across the district that all students, staff, and parents/ guardians can access to support learning.
    3. Richfield Public Schools will provide learning opportunities for successful use of educational technologies.


    Strategic Plan

    Strategy 1: We will provide challenging, relevant and engaging educational opportunities for all students that will increase learning.

    1G: Develop and implement K-12 digital & media curriculum.

    1H: Implement standard technology resources K-12.

    Strategy 2: Create outreach and marketing to attract new students.

    2E: Implement an easy way to navigate websites.

    Strategy 3: We will provide a welcoming, healthy, supportive, safe and caring environment.

    3F: Provide learning opportunities for parents and guardians to develop technology literacy skills.

    3G: Provide support opportunities for families with limited technology access.

    Strategy 4: We will acquire and align human, financial, operational, and technology resources to maximize organizational goals.

    4H: Provide increased mobile device access for students.

    4I: Provide increased mobile device access for staff.