• Neighborhood School Busing

    While families can enroll their child in any of Richfield’s four elementary programs, transportation to the two neighborhood schools—Sheridan Hills and Centennial—is determined by your home address.

    Families who live west of Nicollet Avenue, in red, will get busing to Sheridan Hills and families living east of Nicollet Avenue, in grey, will get busing to Centennial. Click here to see a district map. 

    Do you live on Nicollet Avenue? If you have an even house number, your child will get busing to Sheridan Hills and if you have an odd house number your child will be bussed to Centennial.

    If your child attends a school outside your neighborhood attendance area, then families must provide transportation for their child to and from school every day.

    Magnet School Busing

    If your child attends either of the magnet schools— RDLS or STEM—they will get busing no matter where you live in the district.