• Richfield’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    It’s OK to ask for assistance

    Richfield’s Employee Assistance Program is a tool for your well-being.  Licensed counselors can support you through change, challenges, or concerns.

    Have you ever experienced not feeling like your usual self?  Have you found that a negative relationship in one part of your work or home life is impacting your happiness in another?  Do changes or situations in your life cause anxiety or stress?

    Our lives are full of demands, relationships, and struggles that can impact our emotional and mental health more than we might realize. 

    Richfield Public Schools offers the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with Fairview Health Services as part of the employee’s benefits package, FREE of charge.  EAP makes it easy for you to access services that can help you feel your best by connecting you to FREE, short-term counseling, referral and support services provided by licensed counselors from Fairview Health Services.

    Richfield Public Schools knows that our employees are our greatest asset and your well-being matters.

    If a situation in your life or at work is causing feelings of being overwhelmed, uncertain, or stressed, we invite you to consider taking advantage of the EAP.  You’ll get the support and assistance you need before your concern becomes a potentially larger issue.

    Confidential assistance for your self-care

    EAP counselors can help you work through almost any topic, from balancing work and family, relationship issues, co-worker conflict, depression, grief and more.  EAP services are strictly confidential.  You can schedule appointments directly with the EAP—managed by Fairview Health Services—and know that your privacy is strictly protected.  The EAP does not disclose any client information unless a client grants permission or it is required by law.


    For more information, visit: Fairview.org/EAP 

    To make an appointment:
    Call 612-672-2195 or 800-CALL-EAP (toll-free)

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