Service Model Overview

  • Overview

    RIchfield Public Schools offer a district-wide English Learner (EL) program.  Our program provides English instruction in the four domains of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  English language service prepares students to be academically successful in the general education setting and the real world.  



    EL service in our elementary schools is a combination of co-teaching, push in and pull out service with small groups and newcomer instruction.  EL teacher schedules are coordinated with the classroom teacher and building master schedule so that students do not miss important instructional time.  



    EL service in our secondary schools is provided within the student’s regular class schedule.  Depending on the language needs of the student, one or more class periods each day are designed as EL courses.

    Dual Immersion

    EL service is provided at all grades, K-9, in the dual language program.


    K-5 Newcomer Program Information

    The option of attending any elementary is always 100% the family’s decision/preference.  Information about additional services should be made available to families upon arrival. STEM is the Newcomer Academy for students new to the country and new to the English language.   


    STEM offers:

    •  A designated EL teacher in addition to core EL support
    •  An additional 30-60 minutes of direct English language instruction
    • Curriculum designed to target emerging English ability

        enhances oral language development

        introduces a structured approach to vocabulary and use

        incorporates reading and writing

    • Students continue to receive in-classroom content support from their core/main EL teacher.
    • Busing is available and can be arranged with STEM.
    • If families choose this option, EL teachers at the school of origin can help with the registration process for transfer to STEM.


    Exceptions to Newcomer Academy

    Those who are new to country and:

    1. have an interest in RDLS (dual immersion), and
    1.     b)      are Spanish literate if Grade 1 and older, OR
    2.     c)    interested in RDLS as a Kindergarten student