1. Arrive at the gun club by 3:30 P.M. on weekdays.  Be sure to have your gun, ear protection, eye protection and team uniform (shirt, vest, cap)
    2. Upon arrival at the gun club, carry your uncased/unloaded gun, with safety on and action open, to a gun rack located at the trap house assigned. Your gun should be marked with your name as there could be a lot of duplicate guns.   
    3. Go through the door of the clubhouse and proceed to the sign-up table to form a team. Teams will be made up of 5 shooters.  Teams will likely vary week to week.
    4.  A Squad Leader for your 5-person team (coaches will help with this). Each shooter should PRINT their first and last name on both team score sheets (squad leader is shooter #1 on the sheet). Squad leader takes one score sheet with them. Other sheet stays at the table.
    5. Remember to bring both boxes of ammo to the trap house.
    6. Keep your team together.   A Range Safety Officer will be there to assist.  Follow Range Safety Officers direction.
    7. When a trap opens up one of the Coaches will take your squad down to the trap and assist your team in getting ready to shoot.
    8. Carry your gun with 2 hands to the trap with the safety on action open, and muzzle pointed upward. Break guns (over-under or side by side) should be carried with the break open and barrel to the ground.
    9. The Squad Leader should give the team score sheet to the trap tender. Please note what number shooter you are on the sheet as this is the station number you will start shooting at. 
    10. You will then shoot your first round. When it’s your turn to shoot, load your shell, say “PULL” and shoot one shot at the target. The following shooters will do the same. This will repeat for 5 shots. After 5 shots, you will move right to the next station and shoot 5 additional shots. This will be repeated until everyone has shot 5 shells at each of the 5 stations. IMPORTANT: Do not put a shell in your chamber until it is your turn to shoot.
    11. If your gun jams, do not try to un-jam it by yourself. Put the safety on and ask for help from the Coach or Firearm Safety Officer.
    12. Upon the completion of your first round (25 shots), make sure your gun is empty, put the safety on, keep the action open.  Get your second box of ammo and shoot your second round.
    13. The Squad Leader should get the completed score sheet from the Trap Tender and verify all of the scores to make sure the total is correct for each shooter. If a discrepancy is found, immediately bring it to the attention of the coach. DO NOT adjust the scores on the score sheet. The trap tender will do this.
    14. The Squad Leader turns in the score sheet to the head coach.
    15. Head coach and squad will have a debriefing on the days shoot.
    16. Remember to take all of your gear home with you when you leave.
    17. At the end of the night, we would appreciate some volunteers helping pick up shell casings and disposing of them.
    18. Be safe and Have Fun!!!