Captain Information


    Captain or Captains for the RHS-AHA Trap Shooting Club and Skeet Team are the choice of the Head Coach who may ask other coaches for their input on the selection if only one opening is available and more than one eligible candidate.

    Captain or Captains should be from the Senior Athletes that have been taking part in the team for several years in the Fall and Spring League.  If there are no Senior Athletes available it would fall onto the Junior Athletes.

    The Captain should be an active member of the club.  Who has been a squad leader in the past and has shown leadership in doing so.  He/She should lead by example and show maturity.  He/She should not faultier under pressure and continue as a leader even on a poor day.

    Ideally, the candidate should take part in the club year round with the Fall High School Clay Target League, the Winter League, the Spring High School Clay Target League, the Summer League, the Regional meets, and even the Nationals if possible.

    The Captain or Captains will promote SAFETY first.

    The candidate should take part in optional practices to improve themselves and others.

    The candidate should be promoting the sport for new members to join.

    The Captains will meet with the Head Coach regularly or more often if need be.

    Be active in the team's fundraisers.

    It should not make a difference in which school the captain comes from as we are a team.

    It should not make a difference from what sex the captain is as we are looking for the leader (s) that will well represent our team.

    A Varsity shooter is important but does not mean they will make a good to excellent captain but will be considered in the evaluation.

    This position is not a popularity contest, thus only coaches will be part of the selection.