Safety Guidelines


    Safety is our #1 priority!
    Failure to comply with these rules could result in removal from the team.

    • You may NOT bring your gun or ammo on school property at any time.
    • NEVER point a gun at another person.
    • Guns are to be placed on the gun rack outside the clubhouse with the action open. Don not bring guns into the clubhouse.
    • Be sure to check that the shells are the proper gauge for your gun.
    • Put your shells into your vest pocket before you pick up your gun at the rack.
    • Guns should not be handled until it is time to walk to your trap station to shoot.
    • Guns are to be carried safely with 2 hands and muzzles pointing up in the air. Break guns should be carried with the break open and barrel to the ground.
    • If the trap house has a STOP sign displayed it means that someone is inside the trap house. DO NOT point your gun in the direction of the trap house if the STOP sign is displayed.
    • Gun SAFETY is ALWAYS on until you are at the trap station and ready to shoot your first round.
    • Guns are to be EMPTY of shells at all times unless it is your turn to call for the clay pigeon.
    • Gun actions are to always remain OPEN until it is your turn to call for the clay pigeon.
    • Only put 1 shell into your gun when it is your turn to call for a pigeon.
    • After you shoot at a clay pigeon, eject the shell, keep the action open, and point the muzzle up in the air.
    • If you have a problem with your gun or if your gun jams or misfires DO NOT pull the trigger again. Put the safety on, point the muzzle up in the air, and a Firearm Safety Officer, Coach or Parent will come to help you with the gun. NEVER TURN AROUND AT THE SHOOTING STATION WITH A SHELL IN YOUR GUN.