Superintendent Thanks Richfield Community Letter


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    Dear Richfield Community,

    It is with abundant gratitude that I announce the approval of Question 1 with a 75% approval rate, which results in an increase of student funding for the next ten years, and brings our district more in line to where surrounding districts’ funding has been prior to the November 7 election day.  The increased funding will allow Richfield Public Schools to continue to carry out its mission of inspiring and empowering students and staff to excel.  Given the community feedback, we will utilize these funds to focus on maintaining and reducing our class sizes along with providing additional direct support to students.  As we work through our budget cycle this spring, we will ensure clear and transparent communication regarding the use of these additional funds so that our community can be assured that our expenditures clearly line up with these priorities.

     I want to thank each and every one of you for also approving Question 2 also with a 75% approval rate, which will provide the resources needed to improve our buildings and create safe and innovative spaces for our students to thrive. We will be sending out regularly scheduled communication to the entire community on the progress of the improvements we are making at all schools and in all programs, and also will be providing the board of education with regular updates as well.

    The amount of hard work by our community in creating this campaign, and the amount of support from our community for this campaign, was extraordinary.  

    Congratulations to the five candidates for the Richfield Public Schools Board of Education on their hard work and strong campaigns on behalf of our schools.  We are very fortunate to have dedicated community members engage in such an important civic process.  Additional congratulations to newly re-elected board members and our returning incumbents Christine Maleck, Tim Pollis and Peter Toensing.  I look forward to a strong partnership with the board of education in our ongoing support of our students, families, staff, and community.

    Our Richfield Public schools team is deeply committed to the students, families and community members of the city of Richfield and Richfield Public Schools.  I am proud and humbled to lead this next chapter in Richfield’s future. On behalf of the entire Richfield Public Schools community, thank you for supporting your hometown district and the successful future of our students.


    steven unowsky