Is My Child Well Enough to Go To School?


    Enfermdades Contagiosas

    Communicable Disease
    Richfield Public School District has a communicable disease policy and guidelines.

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    • School Health Service staff members have guidelines for health provider follow-up and school attendance for specific communicable diseases.
    • Minnesota law requires that health professionals (including school health personnel and the Bloomington Division of Health, which provides public health services to the City of Richfield) report certain communicable diseases to the Minnesota  Department of Health
    • School health service staff can track communicable disease trends.  Report any communicable disease your child develops to the school attendance clerk or school health service personnel.
    • For more information, see this helpful resource:

    Generally, students should stay home with the following symptoms:

    • Fever 100 degrees or higher
    • Diarrhea (frequent, loose, watery stools not related to a known chronic health condition)
    • Vomiting (that is not related to a known chronic health condition)
    • Rash (unexplained or that is not related to a known chronic health condition)

    Keep in mind that there are several possible causes for a rash.  Common conditions that cause a rash are

    • Allergic reactions  (Examples include medications, food, detergents and other cleaning products, insect bites and stings, and others.)
    • Illnesses  (Examples include bacterial illness such as strep throat, viral illnesses, fungal infections such as ringworm, and others.)

    Remember that children may:

    • be sick enough to stay home even if they do not have a fever.
    • have a low-grade fever, yet still be well enough to be in school.

    You know your child the best, and we know you want what’s best for your child.  Regular school attendance helps your child grow academically and socially and can contribute to their present and future success.  Significant illness symptoms may mean that your child needs to stay home from school to get well. Staff members at our schools are available to work with you and your child on illness and attendance issues and to help your child work toward wellness and school success.

    If your child appears well enough in the morning to be sent to school but becomes ill enough to go home during the school day, health service staff will contact you using the home, work, cell or emergency contact numbers you have provided on the annual emergency information form update. If you have concerns that your child may have physical illness symptoms that are emotionally,  socially, or academically based, consider consulting your family health care provider, school counselor, school social worker, school psychologist, or school nurse to assist you.

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