• Referendum:  A referendum is a ballot question that goes to voters for approval.  Minnesota requires a simple majority to pass a referendum.  Richfield voters will vote on November 7.

    Operating Referendum:  This referendum funds the day-to-day operations of schools and districts, such as salaries and benefits, curriculum, transportation, supplies.

    Capital Referendum:  This referendum has a very strict use for specific projects and cannot be used for operating expenses (see “operating referendum” above).  Projects include technology, safety and security, building remodels, etc.  Revenue from a capital referendum must be placed in a separate account and only used for the approved purposes.

    Deferred maintenance: This term stands for the maintenance and repairs that should have been done but were postponed due to budget constraints that did not allow for the maintenance and repairs to take place.

    Levy:  This is an amount that school districts collect through various means.  The state provides school districts money through a levy. The state counts on local levy dollars to help cover the cost of education for students in our local schools. Therefore, school board and local voters set levy amounts as well, and that money is collected through local property taxes.  An operating levy is a local levy approved by the voters.

    No-Excuses Absentee Voting:  This is an opportunity for voters to cast their votes before the actual election on November 7.  No Excuses Absentee Voting opens on September 22 at the Richfield Municipal Center Informational Desk.  For more information, visit http://www.richfieldmn.gov/departments/city-clerk/voter-services.

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