• Special Dietary Requests:
    Lactose intolerance: A parent or guardian can send an email to the Director of Food & Nutrition or a note to the School Nutrition Manager at the school site requesting an alternative to cow's milk, and the POS system will be flagged to alert the Nutrition Staff of this request until we are informed otherwise from the household.
    Special Dietary Requests: All students requesting special dietary requests should have their medical doctor fill out the Special Diet Request form and return it to the school nurse at the building where the student attends. Nutrition Services will partner with both the school nurse and the family to make accommodations in the case of a disability and will make reasonable accommodations for all requests based on the wide inventory of products that we usually have in inventory for all other requests.
    Any questions regarding special dietary requests should be directed to the Director of Food & Nutrition at (612) 798-6071.

    Special Dietary Needs Form  
    Click here for the form: DIETARY NEEDS