Exploratory Courses - 6th Grade


    Mr. Forseth and Student


    The following courses operate on a nine week/quarter length rotating schedule. Class periods are 80 minutes long and meet
    every other day. Course activities/topics include:

    Art: Students will learn about the elements and principles of art, construct a clay pot, observe a potter's wheel demonstration,
    study and produce a perspective drawing, draw a still life, construct a color wheel, and paint a landscape using tempura paint.

    Band: A year long instrumental music class through which students build skills and musicianship on their instruments and
    rehearse and perform as an ensemble. An American tradition for over one hundred years, woodwind, brass and percussion
    instruments are used in the concert band. Students must rent, purchase or borrow their own instruments to participate, and the
    school does have some instruments for student use. Grades are earned through lesson performance, practice at home
    (homework) and class participation. Students have extra opportunities if they are interested in composing music or creating
    presentation or posters about our composers or our music. Students have extra opportunities for enrichment if they are interested
    in composing music or creating a presentation or poster about the composers of our music.

    Choir: A year-long class in which we will develop our musicianship and world understanding through a variety of music genres.
    Specific detail will be given to: vocal technique and skills; score reading; vocal sight-reading and listening skills; developing a
    positive attitude toward performance; group cooperation; and audience skills. The rigors and discipline of being involved in a
    musical ensemble lead to the development of a more well-rounded and creative thinker.

    Computers: Students will learn: correct finger placement, basics of Microsoft Word, how to save to a flash drive, how to type
    a professional letter and an envelope. Students will also participate in an online safety unit and take a weekly 1 minute timed typing
    test using www.typingtest.com

    General Music: Students will explore the five elements of music which include Form, Harmony, Melody, Rhythm, and Tone Color.
    As part of our tone color unit, we will investigate the voice and its production of sound. Finally, we will examine both Broadway and
    Non-Broadway musicals and become familiar with a musical glossary of terms.

    Health: Students will learn how to keep the body healthy, including body systems, nutrition, communicable and non-communicable
    Physical Education: Students may have three different physical education classes over the course of the year. In Mr. Hamren’s
    class students will participate in the following activities: Fitness testing, Archery, Floor Hockey, Table Tennis, and Swimming. Ms.
    Burns and Mr. Etienne’s class students will participate in the following activities: Tennis, Softball, Flag Football, Soccer, Ultimate
    Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, Basketball, Volleyball, Team handball, Track and Field, Floor Hockey and Low organized games. They will
    also spend time in the NEW RMS Fitness Center getting exposure to our full Nautilus Circuit, agility, and plyometric equipment.

    Spanish: Starting in the 6th grade and continuing until the 8th grade, students will be exposed to their first years of Spanish. This
    course is designed to prepare students for high school languages and expose them to Latino culture. In 6th grade the students will
    sample the language through the following topics: Spanish alphabet, greetings/goodbyes, numbers, time, colors, weather,
    activities and action verbs, definite articles, making plurals, classroom objects/materials, the quinceañera celebration.

    Technology: Introduction to Woods: Students will learn about soft and hard woods. They will also develop measuring skills and
    will learn how to use hand tools and a few basic woodworking machines. During this class each student will learn to draw working
    plans and then use those plans to construct several wood projects.