Principal's Corner

  • Welcome to Richfield Senior High School!

    Welcome you to our great school, home of the Spartans! We are nestled in the middle of the city of Richfield, serving a dynamic community of about 1,100 students and their families. Our school and its mission can be defined by three words: Dreams. Relationships. Excellence.

    DREAMS: Serving a very diverse community of learners, we strive to help each student achieve his/her vision for high school and post-secondary success. Our students take advantage of a number of advanced courses, including College in the Schools and Advanced Placement; they participate in numerous athletic and co-curricular activities, and they join other community members in serving our city in numerous capacities. We offer something for everyone and work hard to realize the vision of each student and his/her family.

    RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships are the foundation of the Richfield Public Schools and our community. Our students experience diverse, rich relationships that prepare them for future success; and because our school is relatively small, each student develops strong relationships with multiple adults in the classrooms and through our advisory program, and in many activities beyond the school day. Student achievement is the number one priority in education, but we are also in the "relationship business", and we capitalize on this strength.

    EXCELLENCE: The Richfield High School community is a proud one with a rich tradition of hard work and excellence. We have high expectations of our school community and embrace the privilege of helping each student realize his/her potential. We work to deliver nothing short of a world-class academic and social experience for our students, and we expect the same effort from them.

    Investigate our web site further to learn more about our great people and the work they do. If you have any questions or want to reach anyone for any purpose, please call (612) 798-6106.

    Go Spartans!!

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  • Latanya Daniels


    Phone: 612-798-6101