• Winter competitive dance team consists of two styles of dance: high kick and jazz at both the Varsity and JV level. High Kick consists of a group dance with a duration of two and a half - three minutes in length where dancers perform above waist high kicks in a choreographed routine. Jazz consists of a group dance with a duration of two and a half - three minutes in length where dancers perform turns, leaps, kicks, and other skills in a choreographed routine.

    All ability levels are welcome; however, prior dance experience is advantageous. Dancers will be asked to perform strength, flexibility, and precision skills through work in the center, across the floor, and in combinations.

    Equipment that is needed is dance shoes, tights, a bun form, and team warm-ups. The school and Booster Club provides costumes.

    There is one meet a week, on Tuesdays, for the Metro West Conference that begins mid of November and ends before Winter Break in December - there are 4 in total that rotates between High Kick and Jazz meets. The last week of the Metro West Conference consists of the Metro West Conference Champs Meet that is held on a Saturday and consists of both High Kick and Jazz. Following Winter Break, there are invitationals on Saturdays that are "away" meets. Invitationals consist of both a High Kick and a Jazz meet against schools outside of the Metro West Conference. The first week in February is the Sections tournament for the Varsity level High Kick and the Varsity level Jazz teams. Following Sections is the State competition in February. Practices are four days a week consisting of about 5 hours for one team. For example, the Varsity High Kick team would practice four days a week at 5 hours a week. However, many dancers choose to participate in more than one team and are often on a High Kick and a Jazz team which would be 4 days of practice at 10 hours a week. Practices usually consist of Monday through Thursday commitments with occasional Friday practices at the beginning of the season. For proposed practice schedule please email Coach Arianna at: richfieldtapaires@gmail.com

    Dance team is a tight-knit group of athletes who at the end of the season, become a second family. Dancers will be challenged at dance team, and grow incredible amounts as an individual athlete in terms of abilities but also develop skills of working in a team. In dance team we set personal and team goals and celebrate our wins. We support each other and have fun along the way!