Team Information

  • Philosophy of Tennis Coaching Staff: The coaching staff will maintain standards in its approach to all aspects of the tennis program in keeping with its commitment to fully developing the individual potential of each player, both mentally and physically.
    General Expectations:
    All players are expected to attend all practices and matches.
    All players are expected to be on time to all tennis functions.
    All players are expected to stay at matches until all matches have reached a conclusion.
    All players are expected to turn in MSHSL forms no later the first day of tryouts.
    All players and parents are expected to attend a tennis meeting prior to the start of the season.
    We hope that all players and parents will be supportive of the team(s) and take pride in the tennis program.

    Goals: It is important to set team and individual goals before the season begins. It helps you to focus each day, knowing that there is something that you are working toward. If your goals are challenging, yet attainable, they are definitely worth the effort. We will try to be specific with our goals, both long-term and short-term. The goal of the tennis team’s coaching staff is for the team(s) to be FUN and Competitive. We ask that the players commit themselves to this goal.

    Attire: Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times in order to be able to participate. It is recommended that you have a bag that contains the following items: tennis racquets (preferably 2), shorts, shirts, socks, sweatshirt, warm-up pants, towel and water bottle. Other suggested items include gloves, hat, sunscreen, bandages, tissue, and snack. Remember that weather can change unexpectedly, so it is a good idea to be prepared. It is a requirement that each player has at least one bottle of water for every match and practice.
    Uniforms: Uniforms are mandatory and must be worn for every match.

    Transportation: All players are responsible for their own ride/car pools to and from practice. There will be school provided transportation for away matches. All athletes must ride the school provided transportation in order to be eligible to play in the match.
    School Attendance Policy: Players must be in attendance for the entire academic day in order to be eligible to participate in practice or a match.

    Practices: Will be from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Players are expected to be at the courts ready to play. There will be a warm up and practices will vary. We may have challenge matches for player positions. If a player must miss a practice for any reason, please let the coach know as soon as possible. We realize that there will be instances when missing practice will be inevitable.

    Matches: There will be a seven-point format for all matches. (four singles & three doubles matches). In most cases, when courts are available and time allows, there will be exhibition matches. (We will try for 2 out of 3 exhibition match but possible 8 game pro set depending on court availability and time.) The line up will be determined at the discretion of the coach.

    Nutrition: What you eat and drink each day can affect how you play. It is suggested that you eat breakfast every morning, as well as a well-balanced lunch. This is especially important the day of a match. Drinking water throughout the day is very important. You should limit or eliminate any intake of carbonated beverages before a practice or match. A small snack can be consumed before playing, but a large meal should be consumed at least two hours prior. During a match, water should be consumed regularly. Gatorade, if consumed should be used to hydrate after playing, however, they may be necessary over the course of a long match. Apples are GREAT!

    Behavior/Attitude: Players will be expected to bring a positive attitude and desire to play tennis to every match/practice. All players are expected to be respectful, committed, and focused during practices and/or matches. Any racquet abuse, ball abuse or verbal abuse of a teammate, a coach, or an opponent will not be tolerated. All players are expected to be models of good sportsmanship at all times. Remember, as a member of this team, your behavior reflects not only on you, but also on your teams, coaches, school, and community.

    Banquet/Awards: At the end of the season we will have a banquet to celebrate the season, give out letters, awards and other prizes.

    Comments: If a player has any questions or concerns, please speak with your coach. Please remember that the high school tennis season is short. Our focus this year will be on the development of match play, court positioning, and player strategy, serve and return of serve. We also will be working on agility. We, as coaches are looking forward to a very enjoyable season.